Most people think when they are getting their pets groomed it's just a bath, haircut, nails etc.  So, groomers get questions like: "Why is it my dogs haircut is more expensive than mine?", "I just brushed fluffy, what do you mean he's matted?" or statements like "He's so afraid which is why we don't bring him in more than once a year".  What isn't well known is that a good majority of the time your pet is with us we are working on training and building trust.  Because most of us in this industry love dogs and consider it to be so rewarding, we feel very comfortable with what we do.  But believe it or not, the pet care industry is ranked in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in our country.  Did you know that all it takes is one bite in the wrong place to end a groomers career?  Could you imagine going to work every day in a job you absolutely love and couldn't imagine being happy doing anything else and constantly having that in the back of your mind?  And did you know that the pet grooming industry is NOT regulated in our state?  We at Pampered Pooch feel so strongly that this needs to change for the physical safety and emotional well being of all pets, that we have voluntarily decided to regulate ourselves becoming an AKC Safe Grooming Salon.  Click the link to find out more about what being an AKC Certified Safe Salon means.


It is highly beneficial to your pet to start bringing them to the groomer at as early as 8 weeks of age.  This does not mean they have to have a full body haircut.  We prefer to start them off with small sessions that are pleasant and tolerable.  It is heart breaking to have a dog that is over 6 months old come in for the first time and be so afraid and stressed to the point of causing a safety issue or biting.  If you want your pet to have the best grooming experience possible, bring them during that formative time in their lives.  Now that being said, if you happen to have a dog over 6 months and it's their first time it doesn't mean we can't desensitize them to the process over time.  We recommend any dog that is fearful or unfamiliar with grooming come in more frequently for shorter intervals of time to gain trust and reassurance.  We have found great success using these practices along with positive reinforcement training.  We pride ourselves on being able to take the inexperienced and/or bad grooming experienced dogs and change their perception of grooming to make it a much happier and less stressful part of their lives.


For the safety of ourselves as well as your pet we require proof of up to date rabies and distemper vaccines. Grooming is by appointment only, with the exception of walk-in nail trim service.  We offer everything from a basic nail trim to creative stylized grooming. We groom both dogs and cats. Pampered Pooch is an AKC Certified Safe Salon.  Owner, Barbara Needham, and Lead Groomer, Toni Daniels, are both Certified in pet CPR and are Certified AKC Safe Groomers.




​SATURDAY-SUNDAY-Boarding only

8am-9am & 5pm-6pm



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