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Check In Directions

Upon Arrival - Please call: ​207-657-6624 from your vehicle.  We will discuss your requested service and provide instruction at this time.


  • Credit/Debit cards are still a preferred method of payment at this time, because it is still the safest!


Directions upon entering our facility.

(Hand sanitizer or an alternate method will be provided for the area for your convenience.)


  • If Vaccinated - no mask is necessary, if NOT vaccinated a mask is required.

  • One Client in the Lobby area at a time. Please stay in vehicle until directed to come inside.

  • Please bring your pet into the secure check in area on leash. (NON RETRACTABLE) 

  • Please securely close the door behind you.

  • No leashes or collars will be kept in Pampered Pooch’s possession unless approved or for handling training.  

Pick up is as follows:


  • Upon Arrival - Please call: ​207-657-6624.

  • Staff will instruct you as to when to enter the secure check in area to retrieve your pet. If you need to pay for services you may do so at this time.

  • Please abide by our rules of engagement.

  • When you are permitted to retrieve your pet, enter the building and bring your pets collar and leash with you. Please close the door behind you. 


As always, we appreciate your continued patronage!  We will look forward to seeing you for your next service.


If anyone in your household is sick we ask that you wear a mask to prevent the spread of viruses & bacteria.

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